New Classes - a fresh approach for Autumn 2017!

Classes are now every 4 weeks: you can join as many as you like over 3 days then practice in your own time. It's a great way to learn new skills, meet up and have fun, a springboard for your self motivation. Each class is 90 minutes long, there's lots of personal attention and opportunity to be supported and explore your personal best... you can of course continue to book a 1-1 anytime!

 October 2017 Classes: Tuesday 17th - Wednesday 18th.                  November 2017 Classes: Tuesday 14th, Wednesday 15th.                          December 2017 Classes: Tuesday 5th Wednesday 6th.

Tuesday Classes 1) 9.15-10.45am, 2) 6-7.30pm Men's Class, 3) 8-9.30pm. Wednesday Classes 4) 10-11.30am, 5) 8-9.30pm. Levels: classes 3 & 4 are slightly more gentle to improve body confidence, flexibility and awareness. Classes 1 & 5 are challenging and invigorating. Classes are 90 minutes long, class numbers are limited to ensure personal attention, classes are friendly and welcoming, each class is €30 paid in advance.

Introduction to Pilates

It is essential to have an introductory one-to-one session if you are new to Pilates, you want to feel empowered, specific knowledge and understanding will give you confidence in your body again. Please bring any relevant information to this session with respect to past injuries or illness. This initial one-to-one session will include an individual assessment and an introduction to the Pilates Method.  The individual assessment, and your own personal choice, will determine whether you chose to join a group class, continue with one-to-one sessions or a combination of both. If you have been experiencing chronic pain, you may wish to find out more about resolving chronic pain. Please click here to do so.

Exciting changes to Pilates Classes!

New intensive hour and a half classes every 4 weeks or so. Each month you will have the opportunity to sign up for an inspirational class with lots of personal attention. A chance to have detailed instruction on how to improve your flexibility, strength, and general body awareness. In each class there is a strong sense of belonging, all classes are inclusive and the pace is adjusted to suit all class members. Mags has experience teaching teachers professional courses and you will benefit from the caring environment she facilitates. You will improve your knowledge and body confidence! The classes will be fun and inspire you to include what you learn each month in your every day life and fitness routine. 

NEW 90 minute Matwork Classes Every 4 weeks

 New monthly classes include a warm up, a Pilates routine class for an hour, followed by 30 minutes working on particular exercises with individual tuition. Finishing with a relaxation and cool down. There will will the opportunity to record information and set goals for your next class in 4 weeks time if you'd like to. Classes are booked and paid for in advance.  

Payment is non-refundable, once a place has been confirmed


Gentle and Restorative Women's Classes: Tuesday 12th September 20.00-21.30 or Wednesday 13th September 10.00-11.30

Challenging Advanced Women's Classes: Tuesday 12th September 09.15-1045 or Wednesday 13th September 20.00-21.30

Men's Class: Tuesday 18.00-19.30

New Intensive Classes are €30 a wonderful opportunity to enjoy the spirit of a 1-1 with the company and fun of a group class.

Small Group Sessions

Small group sessions (4-6 people) and two-to-one sessions, are available on request. 


Irish Miss World Rosanna Davison has been practicing Body Centering Pilates with Mags Clark-Smith for nearly 15 years. 
Rosanna attributes improved core abdominal strength, posture, body awareness, mental strength and confidence to Mags Clark-Smith and Body Centering Pilates .
The DVD which is available to purchase on this site features Rosanna Davison and is suitable for all levels from beginner to expert. 
The step by step "one to one" training helps to ensure you get the most out of this amazing program.
As with all aspects of the Body Centering Pilates concept, quality and attention to detail are key constituents.

New Intensive Pilates class

An Individual Consultation is necessary before you join a Pilates Class to ensure the highest standard of care and safety.

The new Intense classes are perfect for you if you want to add skills and learn with others without feeling overwhelmed. There are two levels of classes for women and one for men. Level one is gentle and restorative, level 2 is challenging and demanding. All Intensive Classes are €30 and paid for in advance.

It is possible to book more than one Intensive class a month if you wish.


  • Initial one to one consultation: €75
  • Intensive Class: €30
  • 2 Intensive Classes €60
Type of package:
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Irish Pilates Studio

 The studio is set in private grounds on the edge of the beautiful Wicklow Mountains with a breathtaking view over Killiney Bay and Bray Head. 

Located in Kilmacanogue, 5-10 minutes from Enniskerry; Avoca Handweavers and from Bray, only 15 minutes from Dundrum Town Centre.


 To enquire about booking a place on one of the Body Centering Pilates Courses, please contact us by email or phone 


Phone:+ 353 (0)86 104 0955

 Classes in Kilmacanogue Co Wicklow,   



I went to Mags suffering with long term lower back pain, and as far as I was concerned incurable. I didn’t have to ‘dress up’ in shorts and sports wear and there was no sports apparatus - just a mat on the floor. Mags approach was to listen to me and about my life, she taught me how to think differently about my body while at the same time getting me to do some basic exercises. I no longer list back pain as something I suffer from. I learned how to hold myself and how to exercise so as to prevent recurrence of pain. Mags is an excellent teacher and a real expert in Pilates and Body Mind Centering.
— John Porter
I have been doing Body Centering Pilates with Mags Clark-Smith since September 2002. My mum is in the same class as me and we often talk about the benefits we have gained from Mags’ teaching. My posture improved within weeks, my shoulders are more relaxed, my body awareness has increased, I feel stronger, my performance in sports is significantly better, and my stomach is flatter!
I am extremely happy with Mags’ classes and would love to do more!
— Rosanna Davison Miss World 2003/2004
Mags’ experience and intuition allows her to really understand individuals and therefore provide them with a solution that best fits them and their requirements.
— Georgie Oldfield MCSP Founder of SIRPA


Please note 24 hours notice is required if you are unable to attend a booked consultation.
Payment in full is required prior to your consultation or you may arrange to pay at the time of your appointment if it is face to face. 


Please connect with Mags in advance. Her skype username is: "magsclarksmith"
Payments for Skype sessions are made in advance